Holistic Life Coaching for Performance on All Levels

Getting the best out of ambitious men to reach their peak mental, physical, spiritual and financial health.

Have you recognised that something needs to change?

I work with clients to navigate through all the bullshit expectations, the stresses, and the anxieties that so many of us are challenged with.
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What I Can Do For You

If you’re ready and willing to put the work in by mentally, physically and emotionally investing in yourself. I help you see what you’re truly capable of, and give you the confidence and self-belief needed to achieve it. Wellness is holistic so you and I will look to find balance in all of life’s domains.

Mental Fitness

The mind matters most. So many try to make changes to their external environment before turning their focus to the mind

We must first learn to understand why we keep repeating the same patterns if we're to prevent them from keeping us stuck

Financial Fitness

We have been given potential for a reason. It's to be used and realised.

You do not need to be motivated by money to understand its importance in modern day society.

Holistic performance should be the goal, and being financially secure comes with it.

Physical Fitness

Health truly is wealth. Our physical fitness is of upmost importance in all aspects of life.

True wellness is holistic, mind, body, and spirit and all my programmes ensures that you perform within all three pillars to guide you to your success.

Spiritual Fitness

As men, we don't like speaking about emotions do we? Clearly not. But does that mean we don't have to manage them?

We have to get comfortable with expressing how we feel, when we feel it.

What past and present clients say

I show up to the best of my ability with each and every person I work with. I love the work that I do and believe that in order to get the best out of you, I MUST bring the best out of me.
‘Mason is exceptional at helping you think through your goals, ambitions and challenges. ...non-judgemental and a great listener - and I felt I grew with each session I had with him. ... he enabled me to grow my business - and I’d recommend anyone who has big ambitions or personal goals to work with him.’
Rory. F
Really enjoyed my sessions with Mason, I found him easy to talk to and explored aspects of my life which I hadn't thought to do before. I have skills I am going to try and keep focusing on as I develop.
Julian. K
“I engaged with Mason after a 6 month sabbatical during which I had been unwell and had generally lost interest after leaving a toxic work environment. Mason quickly got me to understand and address negative habits and groove positive ones which will give me the platform to make a success of a new business venture and also to grow personally... I couldn’t recommend his blend of skills, his integrity, and approach to his work and clients more highly.”
Andrew. M
If I were to keep it short and sweet, I'd simply say that I have grown so much in the last 4 months that my own wife finds it hard to recognise me. Thank you Mason.
Tyron. C

Reach out for a free exploration call

If you’d like to know more about how you can work with me, book in a call or drop your message via the Contact page.
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My 1:1 and Group Programmes

1:1 Deep Work Programmes

The Clarity

Two x One hour sessions per month for three months.


The clarity is a programme for those who may be unsure of what their next step should be? Whether it’s in your career, in a relationship, or life in general.

We’re constantly bombarded with external noise. Situations that cause for either an action or a reaction which throws many of us off course. As soon as we start to get momentum, there often seems like there’s something to throw a spanner in the works.

The Clarity Programme supports those who have found themselves a little overwhelmed with all the noise life makes, and for those feeling stuck and unable to clearly identify the right move forward.

The investment to enrol on this programme starts at £1200


Master Mindset

Four x One hour sessions per month for three months



The Master Mindset programme is designed for exactly that… To master your mindset.

From stress, anxiety and the feeling of depression, to swapping bad habits with positive ones. From getting some control of the negative thought patterns that plague our minds to building confidence and finding your true purpose. Maybe it’s knowing that there maybe be something more to this thing called life and it’s spiritual growth that you’re after?

The mind matters most, so mastering your mindset will honour you and your personal development, whatever your goals are. The investment to enrol on this programme starts at;£1950


Group Programmes 

I’m currently running two groups that are both extremely successful in what they are designed to achieve for those that enrol.



I’m currently running two groups that are both extremely successful in what they are designed to achieve for those that enrol.

The S.P.A.C.E Programme 

6-week a intensive that will reboot the system and build the strong foundation that’s needed to approach, set and achieve mental, physical, emotional and financial goals. 

As with all that I do, my approach is holistic and this programme will be no different. Your mind, body, and spirit will be activated for growth.