About Me
I work with my clients to navigate the bullshit life throws at us. Gaining clarity is essential when feeling overwhelmed as we tend to lose direction. Like the saying goes 'If you don't know where you're going, you're already there'.
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About Me

Who I am, my path, and my interests
Transformational Coach & NLP Practitioner

Mason Dyson Roberts

Who should work with me?

Those that have recognised a need for change, those who are kept down by negative thought patterns, or those who may be experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety and may or may not even know why. It could even be that you’re stuck on a specific area in life, feeling overwhelmed, and unsure what to do next and a little clarity is needed?

Whatever your reason, well done in taking the first step in your personal development!


I get results, I make a real difference and improve the lives of those I work with. The relationship I have with my clients are based on trust, they feel comfortable, and a connection is made that makes us both feel like some amazing work is about to be done.


So who should work with me?… Those that feel they have more to give but struggle to access it. Those that may be feeling the fear but brave enough to try something different. Those willing to step outside of their comfort zones in order to get this work done, and these goals reached.

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More about me

Who am I?

​Well now, this is actually a seriously loaded and philosophical question which would require a pretty long-winded answer. The short version is that I am an ordinary relatable guy, that has lived a life jam packed with insight and lessons.


I’m a born and bred Londoner who’s taken the scenic route to get this stage of my life. By ‘this stage’, I mean a stage of clarity and understanding the importance of finding purpose, the importance of being fulfilled, and the route and actions needed to getting there. The path has been rocky at the best of times, but I feel blessed to have overcome the challenges I’ve been faced with and for the valuable lessons learned for me to share.

My Path

Over the last 15 years, I have been a professional athlete (Mixed Martial Arts), an entrepreneur, I have lost count of all the times where I found life to be a struggle and felt that I had to master putting on a brave face. I accepted that my feeling low was normal, being stressed and burnt out was just part of life. That life was meant to be hard and that I should just ‘get on with it’.

This could not have been further from the truth. Not only did I discover that these bullshit beliefs belonged to a conditioned society and not to me, but it also became clear to me that these tough times were an opportunity/sign that I needed to make a change.

​I’ve spent the last 8 years doing “The Work” on my personal development. From spending hours on end reading books on spirituality and self-help, to meditating in silence with monks in the mountains of Java. From attending countless workshops and talks about all things life to attending ancient Amazonian plant medicine ceremonies in the jungle. I have traveled, I have lived, and I now love that I am able to use the years I have dedicated to this to assist others in supporting them through their mental barriers and help guide them towards figuring out what the next steps are.

My Interests

I believe knowing what interests people can give us a little bit of an insight to their psyche. It allows you to get a little closer to the person which is why I have included it in here, so in no specific order.

Music – My eclectic nature is extremely prominent in my music taste, from electronic to live bands and nearly everything in between, my Spotify playlist is one to be reckoned with… In my opinion.


Quantum Physics/Mechanics – I am far from being a physicist but our very existence fascinates me… Why are we here? How are we here? Learning/trying to learn about this stuff really does excite me and a pleasure to explore.

Spirituality – I see this and the quantum world very similarly, it’s just semantics. So depending on what side of the fence you sit on, there’s usually a scientific answer for the spiritual experiences you may have. It is through the spiritual practices that I have incorporated into my life over the years that I have been able to view and approach situations differently.

From a place of calm, understanding, acceptance, and love, I am able to relate and lose judgment of people, situations and myself. I am no guru, but this acknowledgment humbles me and keeps me being a student of life. 

Martial Arts – Mixed Martial Arts to be specific. I love it, the competition, the skill needed to compete at the highest level, the dedication needed to succeed, the heart needed to survive… all of these aspects draw me to this (some would say brutal) sport. After competing at a high level myself for many years, and having an insight into the mindset behind these athletes, I understand and appreciate that the buzz, the thrill, and the entertainment value that the ‘modern-day-gladiator’ provides.  

Other top topics – I ran a creative agency for a number of years so I enjoy and appreciate design and most things creative. Also entrepreneurism/Startup culture, travel and last but not least, nature. 

Words from my clients