My Story

Who am I?

Well now, this is actually a seriously loaded and philosophical question that would require a pretty long-winded answer. The short version is that I am an ordinary relatable guy, that has lived a life jam-packed with insight and lessons.
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“I've spent the last 10 years doing "The Work" on my personal development. ”

Over the last 15 years, I have been a professional athlete (Mixed Martial Arts), an entrepreneur, I have lost count of all the times where I found life to be a struggle and felt that I had to master putting on a brave face.

I accepted that my feeling low was normal, being stressed and burnt out was just part of life. That life was meant to be hard and that I should just ‘get on with it’.

This could not have been further from the truth. Not only did I discover that these bullshit beliefs belonged to a conditioned society and not to me, but it also became clear to me that these tough times were an opportunity/sign that I needed to make a change.


I’ve spent the last 10 years doing “The Work” on my personal development.

From spending hours on end reading books on spirituality and self-help, to meditating in silence with monks in the mountains of Java. From attending countless workshops and talks about all things life to attending ancient Amazonian plant medicine ceremonies in the jungle.

I have travelled, I have lived, and I now love that I am able to use the years I have dedicated to this to assist others in supporting them through their mental barriers and help guide them towards figuring out what the next steps are.
I believe knowing what interests people can give us a little bit of an insight into their psyche. It allows you to get a little closer to the person which is why I have included it here, so in no specific order.

Music – My eclectic nature is extremely prominent in my music taste, from electronic to live bands and nearly everything in between, my Spotify playlist is one to be reckoned with… In my opinion.

Quantum Physics/Mechanics – I am far from being a physicist but our very existence fascinates me… Why are we here? How are we here? Learning/trying to learn about this stuff really does excite me and is a pleasure to explore.

Spirituality – I see this and the quantum world very similarly, it’s just semantics. So depending on what side of the fence you sit on, there’s usually a scientific answer for the spiritual experiences you may have. It is through the spiritual practices that I have incorporated into my life over the years that I have been able to view and approach situations differently.

From a place of calm, understanding, acceptance, and love, I am able to relate and lose judgment of people, situations and myself. I am no guru, but this acknowledgement humbles me and keeps me being a student of life.
Martial Arts – Mixed Martial Arts to be specific. I love it, the competition, the skill needed to compete at the highest level, the dedication needed to succeed, the heart needed to survive… all of these aspects draw me to this (some would say brutal) sport. After competing at a high level myself for many years, and having an insight into the mindset behind these athletes, I understand and appreciate that the buzz, the thrill, and the entertainment value that the ‘modern-day-gladiator’ provides.

Other top topics – I ran a creative agency for a number of years so I enjoy and appreciate design and most things creative. Also entrepreneurism/Startup culture, travel and last but DEFINITELY not least, nature.
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My 1:1 and Group Programmes

1:1 Deep Work Programmes

The Clarity

Two x One hour sessions per month for three months.


The clarity is a programme for those who may be unsure of what their next step should be? Whether it’s in your career, in a relationship, or life in general.

We’re constantly bombarded with external noise. Situations that cause for either an action or a reaction which throws many of us off course. As soon as we start to get momentum, there often seems like there’s something to throw a spanner in the works.

The Clarity Programme supports those who have found themselves a little overwhelmed with all the noise life makes, and for those feeling stuck and unable to clearly identify the right move forward.

The investment to enrol on this programme starts at £1200


Master Mindset

Four x One hour sessions per month for three months



The Master Mindset programme is designed for exactly that… To master your mindset.

From stress, anxiety and the feeling of depression, to swapping bad habits with positive ones. From getting some control of the negative thought patterns that plague our minds to building confidence and finding your true purpose. Maybe it’s knowing that there maybe be something more to this thing called life and it’s spiritual growth that you’re after?

The mind matters most, so mastering your mindset will honour you and your personal development, whatever your goals are. The investment to enrol on this programme starts at;£1950


Group Programmes 

I’m currently running two groups that are both extremely successful in what they are designed to achieve for those that enrol.



I’m currently running two groups that are both extremely successful in what they are designed to achieve for those that enrol.

The S.P.A.C.E Programme 

6-week a intensive that will reboot the system and build the strong foundation that’s needed to approach, set and achieve mental, physical, emotional and financial goals. 

As with all that I do, my approach is holistic and this programme will be no different. Your mind, body, and spirit will be activated for growth.