How to boss your mindset: 

Mindset Management

Overcome negative thought patterns, build confidence and the motivation needed to achieve your goals, step into your power and live the life you were meant to live.

You will learn:

• The 3 Main Life Mistakes People Make 

• The Keys to Personal Development

• How to Boss Your Mindset

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FRIDAY 24th April '20


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Mindset Mason

Mason is a certified transformational life coach and NLP practitioner that focuses on mindset mastery. Founder of corporate wellness company Mind Work

I am an ordinary relatable guy, that has lived a life jam-packed with insight and lessons. I’m a born and bred Londoner who’s taken the scenic route to get this stage of my life. By ‘this stage’, I mean a stage of clarity and understanding the importance of finding purpose, the importance of being fulfilled, and the route and actions needed to getting there. 

The path has been rocky at the best of times, but I feel blessed to have overcome the challenges I’ve been faced with and for the valuable lessons learned for me to share. Over the last 15 years, I have been a professional athlete (Mixed Martial Arts), an entrepreneur in the tech and creative spaces, and I have lost count of all the times where I found life to be a struggle and felt that I had to master putting on a brave face. I accepted that my feeling low was normal, being stressed and burnt out was just part of life. That life was meant to be hard and that I should just ‘get on with it’. ​ 

This could not have been further from the truth. Not only did I discover that these bullshit beliefs belonged to a conditioned society and not to me, but it also became clear to me that these tough times were an opportunity/sign that I needed to make a change. ​ 

I’ve spent the last 8 years doing “The Work” on my personal development. From spending hours on end reading books on spirituality and self-help, to meditating in silence with monks in the mountains of Java. From attending countless workshops and talks about all things life to attending ancient Amazonian plant medicine ceremonies in the jungle. I have traveled, I have lived, and I now love that I am able to use the years I have dedicated to this to assist others in supporting them through their mental barriers and help guide them towards figuring out what the next steps are.

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