By Mindset Mason

The Deep Release

The Deep Release is an intensive healing experience that breaks through the automatic resistance that prevents us from finding the answers we’re looking for.

This powerful session is designed for those fed up with repeating the same non-serving patterns, and searching for a breakthrough. For those wanting to understand more about themselves, and the blockages that have been preventing their progress on multiple levels.

Have you ever truly felt connected to yourself? When you look in the mirror, how do you feel about the person looking back? What emotions are present?





Is looking at yourself a comfortable experience or a challenging one?


I now invite you (if you’re able) to go find a mirror and meet yourself for the first time in ages with a deep, silent, and conscious gaze into your own eyes.


Many people see a stranger staring back. Connecting to yourself is a beautiful experience because under the veil of your life’s past experiences is pure love. Connecting to that love is where you’ll find your power. The power to create, to overcome, and to grow.


This is ’The Work’… are you ready?


About the session:

  • The session will last approx 2.5 hours. Delivered online or In-person.
  • It uses a combination of coaching, breathwork, and energy work.
  • Starting with a short consult and intention setting, we then jump deep into the breath, listening to music that supports the releasing of what’s on the surface, taking us out of the egoic mind, and connecting you to the all-knowing intelligence within.
  • After we breathe, you’ll be guided to a number of mirror work exercises, where you’ll be left alone in order for you to truly connect with your truest self without distraction. 
  •  You will be left to journal while your thoughts are still raw and fresh.
  • Finally, we coach. It will take a while for the experience to be fully processed, however, this time can be used to reflect and find useful insights and learning that will help gain a tremendous amount of clarity and guidance for your next move.


The decision to challenge yourself, and explore deep within is yours to make.       

Investment for this transformational experience £300

Instalment payment options available

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