I work with my clients to navigate the bullshit life throws at us. Gaining clarity is essential when feeling overwhelmed as we tend to lose direction. Like the saying goes 'If you don't know where you're going, you're already there'.
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Designed to take you from where you are now, to where you wish to be.

The Options

You’ve come this far which indicates you feel there is some change that needs to happen. You may be asking yourself, ‘what programme should I enrol on?’ and ‘Is it worth the money?’. Only you know the answer to that but the free exloration session that is offered is a great way to help with the decision. Just remember that investing in yourself is probably the best thing any of us can do.

The Clarity 


Per Month

The clarity is a programme for those that are unsure of what their next step should be? Whether it’s in your career, in a relationship, or life in general, I can help.


We’re constantly bombarded with external noise. Situations that cause for either an action or a reaction which throws many of us off course. As soon as we start to get momentum, there often seems like there’s something to throw a spanner in the works.


The Clarity Programme is designed for those who have found themselves a little overwhelmed with all the noise life makes, for those feeling stuck and unable to clearly identify the right move forward. The investment to enrol on this programme is; 


– Two x One hour sessions per month for three months –

Master Mindset


Per Month

The Master Mindset programme is designed for exactly that… To master your mindset.



From stress, anxiety and the feeling of depression, to swapping bad habits with positive ones. From getting some control of the negative thought patterns that plague our minds to building confidence and finding your true purpose. Maybe it’s knowing that there maybe be something more to this thing called life and it’s spiritual growth that you’re after? 


The mind matters most, so mastering your mindset will honour you and your personal development, whatever your goals are. The investment to enrol on this programme is;


– Four x One hour sessions for three months –

The 360º

Life – We either attempt to go through the struggles on our own or rely on those who probably have their own challenges to overcome.


There are a number of mobile applications that remind you what and when to eat, how to keep fit, to meditate, sleep, de-stress. and so on. We constantly try new routines, fads, and diets. All of which never seem to last for long.


Why is this? Accountability. We seem to be ok with swiping past a missed task that the app told us we needed to do. However, having a trusted relationship that has been built around your betterment is a powerful tool.

More about the 360º programme

We will work together to plan, design and build the foundations needed for you to be THAT guy or THAT girl that really does have their shit together. The one who has found the balance of work and life.


The key to this, is routine, the key to routine is discipline, the key to discipline is motivation, and by having a well-thought-out programme, and me by your side to support you, you WILL be THAT person sooner than you think.


I will be like the ‘Architect’ of your life throughout the programme – Your ‘Lifestyle Architect if you like – I am your support, your confidante. Someone to trust and share with is an important part of our growth… Someone to hold you accountable, someone rooting for you and motivating you.  Someone who has experienced the same stresses, anxiety, fears, sadness and all the other emotions that make us human and has been lucky enough to have found the tools, practices/routines to make the life-changing adjustments.


I am the Life Architect that will help you plan, design and build the life you want.

qEEG Brainmapping

All programmes can start with an optional qEEG brain map reading. This allows our neuroscientist to produce a personalised programme with recommendations on diet, exercise, sleep and a number other suggestions based on your brains activity. It will give us a snapshot to help us understand what we may wish priotise.


We will work together to decide and dedicate the number of coaching sessions into your monthly programme, that you feel will serve you best. As a mindset coach, I specialise in performance and confidence building, removing emotional and motivational blocks that may be affecting your current situations.
All my coaching sessions help to gain the clairty and focus that leads to discovering your purpose and realising your goals.

Meditation & Breathwork

I practice both meditation and breath work frequently in order to centre myself and keep the mental calm and peace needed in the face-paced environment of the city. All suggested elements from the 360º programme are optional, however, I urge each client to consider benefits that these two have to offer.


Your chosen sessions can be one-one or in a group setting, depending on your preference.

Sleep Therapy

A reported 31% suffer from insomnia in the UK. Lack of sleep can lead to a myriad of health complications and is to be taken seriously. I have the best sleep therapists in my network, however, I have found with previous clients that completing just one month of the 360º programme has enabled a good nights sleep.

Full body examination

I work with an elite team of therapists, nutritionists, experts in neuroscience, physiotherapy, and osteopathy. You can be examined, diagnosed and treated or have us provide your current physicians with a full medical report.

Personal Training

People of any age and experience level can see better results and live a healthier lifestyle. I have personally trained with all the personal trainers I connect clients with and can vouch that they will help create a unique workout plan to fit your individual needs and goals. You can be trained at home, at the gym, or even in the park (whether pending).


Many studies have proven many mental and physical benefits from yoga. I do encourage clients to incorporate it into their routines as it can help enhance both physical and mental health. Other than increase strength and flexibility, it’s known to reduce symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety.


My brilliant Yogis will ensure you enrich your mind, body and spirit with every session and have you leaving practice feeling lighter in mind and ready for the days ahead.

Post-programme Support

I am in this business becuase I genuinely want help and support the personal development of those I work with.


Once the programme is officially over, I will check in with you monthly for the following three months. The best thing of all is that all of the practitioners, coaches and teachers that you have built relationships with are now at your disposal to continue with your work.

Note: All above practices are optional extras and not included within the fee.


This is a bespoke programme based on each clients specific goals, in which I will help you plan, design and build the life you want around your everyday responsibilities.


We will check in with one another at least two times per week for details on your progress. One of which will be a coaching session lasting 50-60 minutes.


The 360º programme is ideal for anyone wanting to make serious changes but lacking the discipline to do it alone.